1.0               INTRODUCTION

The Architectural and Development Guidelines outlined in this document pertain to the new comprehensively planned community development in Morinville known as South Glens.  These guidelines will direct designers, builders and homebuyers, toward appropriate planning and building forms along with details such as landscaping and fencing.

This document is the mechanism whereby the Developer, will exercise control over the building design, lot landscaping and construction and as such forms part of the Agreement for Sale as follows:

·         The Purchaser agrees that the Developer prepares,  implements and enforces the Architectural and Development Guidelines.

·         The Purchaser agrees that the Architectural and Development Guidelines form a charge running with the land and shall be protected on title by the Developer by means of an encumbrance.

·         The Purchaser agrees to be bound by the Architectural and Development Guidelines.

No house sale is to be represented as final to the prospective house purchaser until the final approval of plans, elevations, lot siting, grading and colour scheme has been given by the Developer.  The House Builder shall be fully and solely responsible for such representations.

2.0               OBJECTIVES

There are two primary objectives that have been considered in the development of these guidelines.

1.       The image of South Glens– richly detailed homes, which are uniquely suited, for the individual single-family lots will be encouraged. Home packages and Manufactured Homes will be permitted.

2.       The quality of South Glens – the Architectural and Development Guidelines is the mechanism that encourages the community to be of the highest quality.  A cohesive development presents a positive image to the potential home buyer, while at the same time offering variety and choice in the selection to the individual home.

House plans will be reviewed in terms of their adherence to the plans incorporated in these guidelines.  The Developer may require certain modifications to house plans and/or specifications where it is felt that the modification is required to take advantage of unique lot characteristics or to conform to the overall objectives of the Architectural and Development Guidelines.

Applicants may provide alternative details to those outlined in the Guidelines providing that it is demonstrated that conformity to the overall objectives for quality of the areas is being maintained.  The acceptability of such alternatives is solely the Developer’s discretion.

3.0               MUNICIPAL STANDARDS

Formal standards for development will be those as established in the Land Use Bylaw for the Town of Morinville .  Specific reference should be made to the Town of Morinville requirements in all areas.  Conformity with these guidelines does not supersede the required approval process of the Town.

4.0               BUILDING MASSING & SITING

4.1     Setback / Separation Space

Minimum setbacks for all front side and rear yards are to conform to those established by the Land Use Bylaw for the Town of Morinville – R2 district.

4.2     Siting & Site Coverage

The maximum site coverage is 40% for house and garage as per the Land Use Bylaw.

Houses shall be sited to compliment the overall streetscape, reflect the attributes of topography, views, exposure to sunlight and the need for privacy.  Siting should also be examined to ensure proper lot drainage.

4.3     Massing & Building Height

The maximum building height is 32 feet.  The minimum roof pitch is 5:12 .

Houses along the same street or within a cul-de-sac are to have consistency in volume.  The massing of a home should be consistent with area and neighbouring homes.  For example, smaller houses cannot go directly beside larger houses and drastic variation in rooflines between adjacent houses is to be avoided.

Houses on corner lots must have a low profile.  Bungalows or side splits are preferred.  In addition the side elevation facing the flanking street shall be similar in character to the front elevation (in  other words, it must have some detailed features).

4.4     House Sizes

The minimum floor areas that will be permitted are as follows:

·         Bungalow. Bi-Level – 1,100 sq. ft. per floor

·         Split Level (2 levels) – 1,200 sq. ft. above grade

·         2 storey – 1,500 sq. ft. combined

Note: Minimum areas do not include garages.

4.5     Repetition

Designs with approximately identical house elevations may not be repeated more often than every third house on either side of the street.

To be different means that there is a significant change in features such as roof slopes, size and location of windows and doors,  colours and finish materials.  A change of material alone and reversing the plan is not sufficient.


5.1     Exterior Finishes

The acceptable roof materials include asphalt shingles in earth and gray tones colours (red or blue shingles will not be permitted), wood shakes/shingles, concrete tiles.

Overhangs are to be a minimum of 18 inches.

All fascia boards are to be a minimum of 6 inches deep.  Downspouts, eavestroughs and fascia should match trim colour selected, where possible.  Soffits are to be pre finished metal or vinyl.

Siding material allowed includes brick, stucco, wood, aluminium or vinyl siding.

Front elevation treatments should avoid large expanses of flat, vertical walls through the use of such elements as trim boards of window frames, decoration elements, overhangs etc.

No higher than 2 feet of concrete wall are to be exposed above grade.  Higher concrete walls are to be clad with the predominant siding material.

No false fronts shall be allowed.  If brick is used as a trim material, there must be a return on the sides of the garage door. Minimum return of 16”.

5.2   Colour Schemes

Colours will be approved on an individual basis.  It is the intent to allow Builders the freedom of choice in choosing colours but there must be a flow of shades as to avoid stark contrasts, or avoid a very similar colour scheme.  The Developer reserves the right to approve or disapprove any colour scheme.

The same wall or trim colour may not be duplicated on the next two adjacent lots or directly across the street.

Trim colour shall be contrasting or complementary to the siding colour.  The same colour trim and siding shall not be permitted adjacent to each other.

5.3     Chimney & Vents

All chimney and furnace flues that are visible from the street are to be chased and corbelled to match the exterior of the house. 

5.4     Driveway & Garages

All driveways shall be hard surfaced (paving stones, concrete, asphalt)  and installed no longer than one year after the start of house construction unless approved by the Developer.

Front double attached Garages are to be sited on the lot in conformity with the approved Subdivision Driveway Plan.

No sidewalk blocks permitted.

5.5     Auxiliary Buildings

All auxiliary buildings or sheds visible from the street or neighbouring lots shall have wall and roofs finish and colour schemes that complement the house.

All auxiliary buildings or sheds must be sited as per the building code and municipal bylaws.

5.6      Lot Grading

Lot grading shall be consistent with the Subdivision Grading Plan (which will be provided by the Developer) and is to follow the natural lay of the land.  The minimum slope allowed is 2%.

The Designated Subdivisions Surveyor will prepare all lot plans.  All elevations shall be geodetic.  The Builder and Designated Surveyor will jointly carry out the staking of the house.

The cost of obtaining proper grading and drainage are the responsibility of the Builder and/ or Purchaser.

The Developer reserves the right to adjust the grading requirement between units after plans for affected houses have both been submitted.  A co-ordinated grading review will be carried by the Designated Surveyor to ensure that the proposed final grades of a particular house do not adversely affect the adjacent house.  The final grading requirements will be balanced to the mutual benefit of both houses.

It is the responsibility of the Purchaser or Builder to have the Designated Surveyor complete a geodetic survey to establish as built grades after footing as constructed as per the requirements of the Town of Morinville .  It is also the responsibility of the Purchaser to comply with the Approved Subdivision Grading Plan.

Side yard grading: in addition to the critical grade control points of the lots, the grade elevations along the entire length of the side property lines will also be important considerations. 

6.0               LANDSCAPING & FENCING

6.1     Front Yard Landscaping

Front yards are to be sodded from the curb to the side yard fence tie back. 

A minimum of one tree is required in the front yard.  Coniferous trees are to be a minimum of 6 feet in height.  Deciduous trees are to be a minimum of 1 1/2 inches in calliper (measured 1’ from base of rootball).  Flowering trees are encouraged.  Willow and native popular are not acceptable as front yard trees.

Landscaping is to be completed within 1 year of the completion of the house or when weather permits.

6.2     Fencing

Fencing is the responsibility of the Builder and/or Homeowner to construct and maintain.


7.1     Construction Activity

Each Builder must inspect the condition of local improvements installed by the Developers including but not limited to curbs, sidewalks, street lamps, fencing in, on or around the lot prior to commencement of construction in order to determine if any of these improvements are damaged.  Written notice of any damages must be submitted to the Developer prior to commencing construction.  Otherwise, the cost for repairing damages of the same, then becomes the sole responsibility of the Builder.

The Builder is required to keep their lot clean and orderly during construction.  There will be no burning of garbage or dumping of waste material on other lots.  Builders found negligent will be back-charged for clean up carried out the Developers.

Construction must be completed within one year from commencement of construction or in a time frame approved by the Developer.

8.0               APPROVAL PROCESS

8.1     Initial Submission

Along with the completed Application Form for Architectural and Development Approval (indicating colours, materials and other specific information as requested on the form), the Builder shall submit two copies of the following information to the Developer along with a security deposit in the amount of $1,000.00.

·         Drawings of the house (plans, elevations and sections at 1:50 or 1/4’=1’0 or 1/8’=1’0)

·         A scaled site plan identifying lot grades, floor elevations, setback, house location and driveway as prepared by the Designated Surveyor.

Incomplete applications shall be returned.

The Developer or its Designated Design Consultant shall review the plans and recommend approval or rejection of the application based upon adherence of the plans to the guidelines, within 3 days.  The Developer will make the final decision in regards to approval or rejection of the application.  A copy of the application form and a marked set of plans shall then be made available to the Builder.

Any changes made by the Builder or Purchasers from the approved plans must be submitted to the Developer or its Designated Design Consultant for approval in writing prior to the changes being made.

8.2      Interim Building Review

The Developer or its Designated Design Consultant may carry out an on-site review of the houses during construction.  Periodic checks may be made to ensure conformance to the approved lot grading plans and design guidelines.  Modification may be requested related to the actual site conditions.

8.3     Completion of Construction / Final Approval

For the purpose of these guidelines and Agreement, completion of Construction of the single-family dwelling shall mean construction completed in accordance with the Terms of the Purchase Agreement and shall specifically include the following:

·         Construction of the dwelling to the point where the Town of Morinville has issued an occupancy certificate and

·         Completion of the front driveway and front yard landscaping is completed in accordance with the Architectural and Development Guidelines.

Upon being advised by the Purchaser of the completion, the Developer shall carry out a site review to confirm conformance to the guidelines.

Following the Final Approval, receipt of confirmation of lot grading and completion of all deficiencies, the security deposit ($1,000.00) will be refunded by the Developer.

The information contained in the guideline Document is provided as a guide to be used by the lot purchaser, and the Developer may review these guidelines at their discretion.  The Developer and its Designate Consultant make no warranties or representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information provided on individual house plans.  The Purchasers shall be fully and solely responsible for all design, which follows these guidelines, and for conformance of such designs to the appropriate building codes and land use bylaws